About Smith's BBQs

Simply the best.


Smiths BBQ’s mission is to deliver the BEST, SAFEST and AFFORDABLE portable bbq to our Aussie outdoor chefs.

On the 1st of July 2000 John Smith started an Australian company Smiths Cooking Systems Pty Ltd. Smiths Cooking Systems is an Australian design and manufacturing company that has made high quality stainless steel and metal products for some of the leading European and Japanese Appliance/bbq brands for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Smiths Cooking Systems is the owner of several Patents and Registered Designs, leading with Innovation.

Smiths Smart BBQ Concept.

Our Smiths Smart BBQ concept design was the start of a NEW direction for Smiths Cooking Systems, entering the BBQ, Grill and Alfresco market.
John is like most Aussie’s, he is a passionate bbq-er at home.

Smiths Cooking Systems recently introduced the incredible ‘3 IN 1″Portable BBQ and Portable Pizza Oven.

The standard 3 in 1 Portable BBQ comes in a 430 series Stainless Steel which is ideal for most conditions. This is the Inlander PB430.
The ultimate in Portable BBQ’s is our Coastal PB304 which can go anywhere. We recommend this model only for Coastal locations and for Boating enthusiasts. This model is made from a commercial grade Stainless Steel 304 series.

Smiths BBQs recognized the need for a high quality, light weight

“COOKS ANYTHING, ANYWHERE” PORTABLE BBQ, which is ideal for the Outdoor Chef/BBQer. Its ideal in small outdoor areas for units, apartments and balconies. Check your Body Corporate if gas bbq’s are approved.

Due to the compact design and being light weight at only 14kgs, the Smiths Portable BBQ’s are ideal  Take Anywhere,Anytime, which is great for Campers, Caravaners, Fishing Trips, Sporting Events, Tradies, Truckers and even ideal for a Beach and Park picnic.