"3 IN 1″ Portable BBQ and Mini Pizza Ovens.

BBQThere’s nothing more Australian than having an outdoor natural gas BBQ in a park or other public area. To help you with this great Aussie pastime Smith’s BBQs offer stainless steel “GO ANYWHERE” portable LPG barbecues that only weigh 14kgs so you can enjoy barbecue food “anywhere, anytime”.

These mini barbecues are great for Campers, Caravaners, Fishing Trips, Sporting Events, Tradies, Truckers and even ideal for a Beach and Park picnic or just a barbeque at home.
Our stainless steel gas barbecue sets are the best portable barbeques for the price, all have a stylish stainless steel handcrafted finish, offer even heat distribution and preheat in just 5 minutes.

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Gas BBQ Comes With A Standard Grill, Cast Solid Griddle Plate, And Pizza Stone.

The portable barbecues from Smiths BBQs come with a grill, cast solid griddle plate and pizza stone all as standard. Cooking with our compact gas barbeques is so easy and gives a great BBQ taste every time.

The gas barbecues are perfect for apartments, caravan and camper trailers, camping or trips to the beach.

The Smiths Portable BBQ Is One Of The Most Stylish And Handy BBQs Ever.

Able to go anywhere, just turn on the barbeque gas and cook up pizza or cook a succulent roast or even BBQ ribs. Ideal for a caravan or camper trailer BBQ.

Comes complete with the industry-leading safety feature Flame Failure.

Stylish Stainless steel handcrafted finish.

The gas barbecue preheats in 5 minutes and is perfect for searing steaks. They come standard with a 12 inch Pizza Stone for cooking deliciously crisp pizzas. The cast BBQ Griddle plate is ideal for cooking bacon and eggs, caramelised onions, etc giving you that barbecue restaurant flavour.

Take your BBQ anywhere, easy to clean.

The gas BBQ grill is easy to clean with a simple pull out fat tray and slide out base plate which are both designed for dishwasher cleaning.

The temperature gauge is easily visible and uses a battery-free piezo flame ignition for reliable starting every time. The Smiths Portable BBQ and Portable Pizza Ovens are ideal for using in Apartments & Balconies, Camper Trailers & Caravanning, Campers, Beach Trips, Horse Events, Boating & Fishing Trips, Tradies utes, Trucks and more.

Compact and Contemporary Design.

Our BBQs are compact with a contemporary design and are the portable gas grills that can go anywhere and cook anything.

The barbecues bring that tasty Smiths flavour to every meal. The well-known flavour that you get by cooking on the Smiths Portable Barbeque is at the centre of all that we do.

Unreal flavour and adaptability, all with the ease of using the Smiths Portable Gas Barbeque.

The Smiths Portable BBQ can be used to cook everything including pizzas, roast vegetables, and stir-fries.

BBQ that's perfect for camping.

The compact and easy to carry BBQ is great for camping adventures or weekend get-togethers in the park.

They are perfect for small areas where you have to barbeque on the go, easy to setup, these portable Smiths BBQs punch above their weight. Smiths BBQs offer a quality range of fashionable and cutting-edge gas burner barbeques, which are great for caravans and camping trailers or if you are short of space at home,  outdoor living areas

At Smiths BBQs, we have a range of fashionable gas grill Portable BBQs and Portable Pizza Ovens that give you an exceptional cooking experience. Discover your perfect barbeque today.

Anything that can be cooked in your family household oven can also be cooked with our premium gas barbeque and portable pizza ovens.

Able to roast and cook pizzas.

Our portable barbeque and pizza ovens allow you to barbecue, roast or even cook pizzas where ever you like at home, the yard or even on your balcony. The mobile BBQs can even be taken along to the beach or away camping.

Our Portable BBQs and Portable Pizza Ovens can be added to your outdoor built-in barbeque to make the most out of your living space outside.  You can use it as as an extra grill, BBQ or side burner or cook mouth-watering pizzas.

Smiths Portable Barbeques are high-quality stainless steel gas barbeques.

Smiths Portable Barbeques create purpose-built, high quality stainless steel gas barbeques, (grills) for cooking and entertaining on your boat, caravan, RV or at home in the great outdoors.

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